Next Club Meeting 5th December


1967 -2017

Spring Park Film Makers

The Movie Making Club in West Wickham

     24th January - Movie-go-Round

7th February - Jason Ford

Films from across the Regions of the IAC plus a dip into Wakefield Movie Makers films.

Bring in and show your films on the theme of ‘Winter’.

10th  January - Theme - Winter Films

21st February - Showreel from Bristol

21st March - Keith’s Round the                          World Tour

18th April - Visit to Chislehurst                         Caves

2nd May  - Movie-go-Round

nema Evening

AGM and Members’ Voices followed by a  social get-together.

4th April - Cine films

  Visit by   director and   actor            Jason Ford

             7th March  - AGM

16th May - Gerald’s  Potpourri

Showreel of films from Bristol Movie Makers who started in 1934

Keith talks and shows video of his round the world cruise

Morning visit to the Caves followed by lunch - details to follow

Gerald presents a Potpourri of old and new films he has made

30th May - Camera Evening

Camera Evening – info on new cameras  Show and tell your own equipment for pros and cons.

13th June - Cinema Evening

27th June - Tom Hardwick Variety                             Show, Part V1

A visit by Tom and Celia

Latest kit and film news. An evening not to be missed

11th July - Lavender Tour

The Hop Shop – Lavender Tour – details to follow. 1 min films please to be made to show in August. No meeting in halls.

25th July - An Evening with Peter

 Cancelled no meeting

8th August - 1 Min Film Evening

Everybody to join in our 1 min film evening – bring in your video from the Lavender Tour or other 1 min films on the theme of ‘summertime’.

22nd August - Movie-go-Round

Movie-go-Round - show your latest film for a panel of film makers to discuss.

5th September - Double Day Event

A morning stroll

around High Elms

Country Park and

coffee in the Green

Roof cafe

Club night SERIAC

2018 showreel

19th September - Competition 1

Round 1 of Competition Evening

       Round 2 of Competition Evening

3rd October - Competition 2

17th October - Awards Evening

24th October - Annual Show

 7th November  - An evening with Peter

21st November - Desert Island Films

Club members chooses his favourite club films and talks about own experience

5th  December - Clive Cobley Comp.

2 min film to be made on theme subject.

 Theme ‘Sunshine’

12th December - Xmas Lunch

Venue and time to be announced.

Next Meeting

9th January 2020


          Hosting competition between 4 local clubs            16th April 2020



              18th April at the Oast Theatre


Details to follow

Movie-go-Round - show your latest film for a panel of film makers to discuss.

 ‘Spitfire’ The instrument of war that became a British Icon. Made for the 100 years anniversary of the RAF by David Fairhead an award-winning film editor of documentaries with over 27 years’ experience.

Bring in your old cine films to watch on the big screen