1967 -2017

Spring Park Film Makers

The Movie Making Club in West Wickham

     24th January - Movie-go-Round

7th February - Jason Ford

Films from across the Regions of the IAC plus a dip into Wakefield Movie Makers films.

Bring in and show your films on the theme of ‘Winter’.

10th  January - Theme - Winter Films

21st February - Showreel from Bristol

21st March - Keith’s Round the                          World Tour

18th April - Visit to Chislehurst                         Caves

2nd May  - Movie-go-Round

nema Evening

AGM and Members’ Voices followed by a  social get-together.

4th April - Stills to Video

  Visit by   director and   actor            Jason Ford

             7th March  - AGM

16th May - Gerald’s  Potpourri

Showreel of films from Bristol Movie Makers who started in 1934

Keith talks and shows video of his round the world cruise

Stills to Video – Graham Ralls will show some of his AVs. Importing your photos on to a time line.

Morning visit to the Caves followed by lunch - details to follow

Gerald presents a Potpourri of old and new films he has made

30th May - Camera Evening

Camera Evening – info on new cameras  Show and tell your own equipment for pros and cons.

13th June - Cinema Evening

27th June - Tom Hardwick Variety                             Show, Part V1

A visit by Tom and Celia

Latest kit and film news. An evening not to be missed

11th July - Lavender Tour

The Hop Shop – Lavender Tour – details to follow. 1 min films please to be made to show in August

25th July - An Evening with Peter

      Club member       Peter Macpherson       talks about the art       of filmmaking

5th August - 1 Min Film Evening

Everybody to join in our 1 min film evening – bring in your video from the Lavender Tour or other 1 min films on the theme of ‘summertime’.

22nd August - Movie-go-Round

Movie-go-Round - show your latest film for a panel of film makers to discuss.

5th September - Double Day Event

A morning stroll

around High Elms

Country Park and

coffee in the Green

Roof cafe

Club night SERIAC

2018 showreel

19th September - Competition 1

Round 1 of Competition Evening

       Round 2 of Competition Evening

3rd October - Competition 2

17th October - Awards Evening

24th October - Annual Show

        7th November - Iceland

Graham Ralls shows and talks about his filming experiences in Iceland

21st November - Desert Island Films

Club members chooses his favourite club films and talks about own experience

5th  December - Clive Cobley Comp.

2 min film to be made on theme subject - to be announced.

19th December - Xmas Lunch

Venue and time to be announced.

Next Meeting

9th January 2020


          Competition between 4 local clubs            28th March 2019 at Shooters Hill



              11th May 2019 at the Oast Theatre


Date to be announced

Movie-go-Round - show your latest film for a panel of film makers to discuss.

 ‘Spitfire’ The instrument of war that became a British Icon. Made for the 100 years anniversary of the RAF by David Fairhead an award-winning film editor of documentaries with over 27 years’ experience.