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Our Forgotten Voices

These pages are dedicated to all the residents of West Wickham and Hayes in the South East Region of Kent. Oral History is supported and sponsored by clubs and businesses in the local community.  The Friends of West Wickham Library ensure personal details of those wishing to become involved are kept private unless otherwise stated.

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Pickhurst Manor

A new manor house was built in the 1760s.  By 1870 the house remained empty apart from a few servants.  The extension to the house that occurred in the Victorian period was made at this time.

The house was on three floors in the central portion but only two at each end where the lower rooms were lofty.  Bays were added to the drawing room and dining rooms on the suth side.  It was a rambling house and the stairs to the third story led to a warren of rooms that formed the nursery are.  The front door was at the end of the house and beyond it, round the bay windows of the dining room and of the billiard room above, was the long garden terrace.

One tragic incident in 1883 involved a footman who was found in bed with his throat slit.  An inquest revealed that a letter had been found from a young woman accusing him of cruelty in breaking their engagement and demanding £30.00.  The verdict was that he committed suicide whilst suffering from temporary insanity.

By 1926 a portion of the estate was sold. Plots were eventually sold off and became Hayes Hill Estate.

In 1936 the Manor house was demolished and the site anonymously donated for the fledgling Congregational church.  The two-room Lodge, which still stood was used as its first church

A sub-manor that developed to the north of the parish.  In early medieval records it was a separate entity (1200s)

By the  beginning of the 16th century it was held by Sir Robert Rede appointed Chief Justice of the Common Peas by Henry Vll and re-appointed by Henry Vlll. It seems unlikely that any of the following owners  lived at Pickhurst.  Its farmland extended into the neighbouring parish of West Wickham.

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