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These pages are dedicated to all the residents of West Wickham and Hayes in the South East Region of Kent. Oral History is supported and sponsored by clubs and businesses in the local community.  The Friends of West Wickham Library ensure personal details of those wishing to become involved are kept private unless otherwise stated.

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Ivy Cottage

Icy Cottage is a Grade II listed cottage on Warren Road opposite Hayes Common.

It was built in 1851 originally as three cottages.   The house belonged to Everard Hambro together with the surrounding land and the Star Brewery.  

Around 1889/1890 his sister in law who was living at Hayes Place redesigned the cottage into one superior house which included a central staircase and alterations to the roof.  In 1910 the value was £2000.00.

In 1940 the property became vacant and was during the Second World War was used as the United Services Canteen, reading and writing room.

It became very popular and to ease the passage of troop vehicles the paths across the common were covered with bomb damage rubble.

Ivy Cottage received some war damage during the war.

After the war it remained a private dwelling but in its grounds approval for 6 properties - 2 houses and 4 architectural designed bungalows was given to be built in Warren Road.