In the summer of 2014 The Friends of West Wickham Library had the idea of collecting the Oral History of West Wickham and Hayes with the aim of recording life in the 20th century.      

Oral history involves gaining an understanding of the past by talking to people to collect memories and personal experiences. It’s a great way to find out about the everyday lives of ordinary people and can help us understand how big events have affected people on a personal level.

If you have memories of the past and would like to take part in this project, why not contact ‘The Friends’ who would be delighted to come and visit.

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Mac Fisheries 36 Station Approach 1950s

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These pages are dedicated to all the residents of West Wickham and Hayes in the South East Region of Kent. Oral History is supported and sponsored by clubs and businesses in the local community.  The Friends of West Wickham Library ensure personal details of those wishing to become involved are kept private unless otherwise stated.

Our Forgotten Voices