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1967 -2017

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Hall Place is a stately home in the London Borough of Bexley in south-east London, built in 1537 for Sir John Champneys, a wealthy merchant and former Lord Mayor of London.   The house was extended in 1649  by Sir Robert Austen a merchant from Tenterden in Kent.   

The house is a Grade I listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument, and surrounded by a 65-hectare award-winning garden.



21st June 2018

Butterfly Jungle Experience                                       

And plant sales

 In and around the Gardens

Lunch by the River


Thousands of First World War soldiers who came back from France with terrible facial injuries were treated in a new, military hospital in Sidcup, Kent. This exhibition tells the remarkable story of the pioneers of plastic surgery from the point of view of the medical staff and their patients. Opened in 1917 and named after Queen Mary, a team of doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians were led by a brilliant, New Zealand-born surgeon, Harold Gillies. He recruited leading artists to help rebuild the men’s faces.

American soldiers were stationed at Hall Place – code name Santa Fe – and intercepted encoded messages sent by the Germans.

GI veterans’ memories and declassified files reveal the importance of their round-the-clock, top-secret work which helped defeat the Nazis.

Priscilla, the wife of Peter Macpherson a member of our club, was involved in making contact with the families of these soldiers and setting up this permanent exhibition at Hall Place.

Arthur Boswell (1880-1966) lived in Bexleyheath. His family used to run a coach building business at Market Place, Bexleyheath. However, Boswell’s main passion in life was photography. Over the years he built up a collection of photographs tracing the development of the borough as well as more exotic slides from around the world. He toured the borough giving talks and lantern slide shows. He built up a collection of 14,000 glass slides.

River Cray