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1967 -2017

Spring Park Film Makers

The Movie Making Club in West Wickham

Annual Competition

2019 BEST COMEDY AS CHOSEN BY THE JUDGES “HOME MADE GLASS ORNAMENTS2 BY KEITH BURROWS Runner up chosen by members Graham Evans ‘ Bus Spotting’ Merit award for entertainment value The Harry Walden Trophy (Best film decided by members’ vote)   Peter Macpherson ‘ Rainham Marshes’ CHOSEN also BY JUDGES  south downs film makers AS RUNNER UP Best cinematography Best documentary as chosen by the judges Richard and brenda troughton “The crumbles story” SPFM 2017 MERIT AWARD FOR A WORTHY SUBJECT “DESKS” BY ROY DE BOISE MERIT AWARD FOR AN INTERESTING STORY “PENNY HOTEL” BY DOROTHY BATTEN Club competition winners 2019