Chislehurst Caves should really be called Chislehurst Mines for they are not natural caverns but passages carved out of the hillside by men in search of chalk and flint.

Chalk was very important to our earliest ancestors for it is a very soft rock being made up of the remains of tine sea creatures.

In WW2 the importance of the caves meant that they could be used as shelters.  Around 2000 people slept there.  There were rules and breach of these involved the loss of the pitch you had been given.

In later years pop groups would play in the caves.

Originally there were buildings by the entrance in which some people stayed.  Many came down from London.

After our morning visit we had lunch in the Bickley Arm which in the Edwardian era had the entrance to the caves in its extensive grounds.

Chislehurst Caves

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